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Senior Front-End Engineer

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Senior Front-End Engineer

  • WE00538
  • Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

About us

At Fontem Ventures our purpose is to deliver a better alternative to smokers around the world.

Fontem Ventures is an innovative consumer goods company and, as the owner of the e-vapour brand blu, a leader in vaping technology. Our business is headquartered in Amsterdam with more than 200 employees working across head office and, Fontem US in Charlotte with research labs in Liverpool, Hamburg and Beijing.

The position and the Team

We are looking for an experienced front-end engineer to help us build our global e-commerce systems.

Our team works on our cutting-edge e-commerce platform that serves markets and brands all around the world.

The role and you


  • 5+ years with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Experience using TypeScript
  • Experience with a component-based framework like React, Angular, or Vue
  • Experience building beautiful and high-performance websites
  • Experience using build tools like Webpack
  • Experience using npm and/or yarn package manager
  • Experience using modern distributed version control
  • Familiar with writing unit tests in Jest or similar testing framework

Nice to have

  • Experience writing both object-oriented and functional JS/TS
  • Comfortable working with Docker
  • Experience with Contentful or similar headless CMS
  • Experience with React, including modern features like Hooks and Contexts
  • Experience using and building sites backed by NodeJS
  • Familiar with NextJS
  • Familiar with writing end-to-end tests in Cypress (Selenium experience is also ok)
  • Familiar with microservices and Kubernetes or Docker Swarm

You are

  • Happy working in an agile team
  • A good communicator, in written and verbal form, communicates clearly and effectively
  • Happy to dive into a complex software environment, asking for help to unblock yourself, seeking clarification if requirements are not clear, and documenting things as you go
  • Pragmatic, solution driven and not over-engineering, but choosing the correct tools to meet the goals

Day in the life

You have finished going through your emails and it is 9:30 am CEST, time to jump onto Slack for your team's daily standup. In the standup you mentioned you got an alert about a drop in performance on the homepage which you made some changes to earlier in the week, so you will be investigating that. It appears someone in the team is having trouble getting a service to run locally. Just last week you ran into this issue so straight after standup you jump onto a call with them to help them get up and running. This time you document the steps as you go. Within 20 minutes they are up and running so you open up the for that service and document the steps for getting the service to run locally. You open a PR and send it over to the developer you just helped to review.

Now to look into that performance drop. You head over to the Datadog Performance Dashboard and start drilling down to find the issue. Woops! Looks like you forgot to add a cleanup method to your useEffect hook. You quickly have a chat with your PO to align about the simple fix needed. While the PO creates a quick task to capture the ad-hoc work, you fire up your IDE to implement the fix. You commit the tiny change into your feature branch and open up a PR with the newly created ticket number, so it links. Next you ping someone in the team to review the PR. You send a quick Slack message to another front-end developer in your team about the PR. They are happy to review it for you, and after a couple of minutes click approve. You hit merge and go grab lunch while the build pipeline does it's thing.

Lunch is done so you head over and look at the dashboard. It looks like everything is back to normal.

Time for refinement. You jump on the call. There are only 2 stories from the backlog ready for further refinement and discussing them goes quickly, as everyone seems clear on both the requirements and how to implement them. The 1 hour meeting is done in 30 minutes. Great!

You head over to the Jira board and check out the next highest priority story in the TODO column. It seems clear so you assign it to yourself, move it to In-Progress, and dive in.


If you are interested in this vacancy, please send your CV and motivation letter by clicking on the “apply” button on the page.

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